• me: i love boys omg
  • me: i hate boys omg
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    Shakespeare said your lips are like wine,
    but you lips are not wine, they are whisky.
    Strong and consuming and even when I pull away
    I can feel you burning in my chest.
    The night we met, I was drunk on Raspberry Smirnoff and you.
    We sat outside at 3 in the morning,
    wrapped in a comforter and collapsed on the pavement. 
    I couldn’t see straight, but the stars were shining brighter than I’ve ever seen,
    spinning above our heads in the frigid February air.
    I slowly drifted to sleep there, but when I woke up it was morning
    and I was sober and you were gone.
    Months later when I saw you at that party, we hugged and smiled politely
    and you walked away without a glance back
    but all I knew was that I needed to be very drunk, 
    so I grabbed a bottle of whisky and drank until the stars spun
    like they did the night we met.

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  • Me: omg shut the fuck up
  • Me: I don't fucking care
  • Me: wait what the fuck
  • Me: get the fuck away from me
  • Me: fucking stop
  • Me: fuck fuck fuck fuck
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    *uses selfie for SAT picture*

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